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                        Life Is Not Rocket Science  Hints to Living Life

                                                                    Step Over the Crap in Life Not Step In IT

    Just BECAUSE I have something God enabled me some special insight in life, it  does not mean my life is all Peachy . lol I have lessons to learn and teach and my life has to move forward. I am the only gas that can make it move .. God only supplies our gas tanks and we have to fill it with FAITH AND DRIVE TO get it going.

    I was told one night by Spirit that there is only 1 ROAD in every ones life. It starts with our first breath and ends with our last. Along this road is off ramps. Each one has some event in our life. Once we get done with what the off road detour then we are able  to get back on the main road.  The off ramps are  where I call Crap Piles sit. When you are off road try to not step in them. No God does not litter our road with these does. God is always beside us with FINGERS CROSSED in hope that we see that pile and STEP OVER IT.. I dont know about yall but I have had to slide my shoes in the grass many times to get the Poopy off of the Nike. And all the while I am doing this I am, as a human, cussing, swearing and wanting the one that left it there instead of keeping the negativity out of my head. I should be trying to figure out "WHAT THE HELL WAS I DOING that I didnt see that PILE. It was right there!! How dare someone SHIT ON MY ROAD!"

   For those of you who are saying .. "What the hell is she talking about.. Whats stepping in poop have to do with my lights being turned off or my job teaching me a spanish word.. ADIOS!"

     Those Piles of Crap is just that.. crap in your life that is laid out like Mine Fields. Some you kinda can see in the distance but maybe when you get to it you go to step over and still get some on your shoe or we have those that are covered enough that you don't see until you slide in it.

EXAMPLE of COVER SLIDE PILE ...... A family member who seems they are doing good but you start to smell something not right. You try and say it is just your imagination instead of starting to watch just in case that odor is real, Your carelessness and NOT LISTENING TO YOUR HEART soon becomes the reality of that recognizable scent and you look and there it is all oozing up along the sides of your shoe. If you ONLY listened to your INTUITIVE HEART which GOD gave us all, and watched for that pile , you could have saved a easier grass cleaning or better yet STEPPED OVER IT! You could have seen the PILE CULPRIT and tried to help them disengage from the messy outcome. Not only would you have clean shoes but you could have also taught or helped the Pile Leaver in the right thing to do. This isnt Rocket Science. 

   JUST be aware as you walk through life and if that ODOR starts to come ... take more careful steps and watch your surroundings. (If your job isnt feeling as good as it use too, time for a change ... If someone close to you is not being their usual selves, become aware and look to see what is causing it ...If your heart is telling you "Hey you know better, this is not sounding right." LISTEN TO IT Your INTUITION/HEART never lies. ...Your body is feeling different , check it out. You could catch something early that will cause you lots of POOP ON THE SHOE.. ....You doing things that YOU KNOW IS NOT RIGHT will LEAVE CRAP PILES on some ones path . DONT DO IT because trust me, you will could be wallowing face first in that pile you left. ... }

     Yes , it is our fault for the Poop on our Shoes even though we didnt leave it there to step in . Our CARELESSNESS and not being AWARE in life blind us from our steps.

So hopefully this will have helped you but if not , here is a pack of wipes. And those of you who are just reading this and not using it as sound advice well let me just add some advice not so quite complicated for you .. WEAR CHEAP SHOES!!!