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Quotes Hey Barbara, Thank you for sending me and my friend Gary's recordings from last Saturday! :) After listening to my reading again I realized there was a lot I missed or had forgotten from our original meeting, The reading helped me out incredibly and I am very thankful for your help, God's and the spirits' help. I also read your Amazon book, and despite your warning of the lack of editing, I found it to be thoroughly phenomenal and very very interesting!! It kept me interested and intrigued all throughout. I was definitely able to learn more about how your unique gift works,your background, and your journey in discovering and rediscovering your gift. I would definitely love to pay for another session some day again, through Skype no rush, I know that if I were a medium I would feel totally pooped after a whole week of readings. 😂 Quotes

Quotes Walking in the prscenee of giants here. Cool thinking all around! Quotes
Walking in the prsce

Quotes I just wanted u 2 knw that u r the best Barbara Petrone! Because of u and ur gift my life is finally on track and it would not have happened without God and u!! I'm going through a divorce n it's not fun, God and u r the only ones who kept me going, seriously! I wanted 2 give up so many times and every time I felt like throwing in the towel I would send a text and all u would have to tell me was a couple words of advice....I always listened to what u told me to do n things always worked out. Maybe not exactly when I wanted because I was impatient, lol....but they worked out some how just like u said they would! U have an amazing gift and I talk about u all the time to my friends. U will b getting phone calls soon! U will always b a part of my life, not just as my psychic but a true friend!! Thx be 2 God and u!! I love you!! ? feeling blessed Quotes
Melissa Deluca

Quotes I wrote you a great little comment! You knew things that you could not have possibly known,, and yes I will be contacting you very r still nagging me! lol love ya! Quotes
From PA

Quotes Barbara, you are great! The reading was great as well! As we get to know each other ..the readings will be interesting! There are so many things that you could not have known, you are the real deal! Love you! Quotes

Quotes Judy Schwan Barbara is so cool & tells it like it is! Catch her on Ask1Radio! Quotes

Quotes Cyndi Hasty Everetts I'm always skeptical ..not of the process, but of the people. There are SO many charlatans out there who take advantage of people in their most vulnerable moments. But Barbara Petrone is NOT one of those! She came up with names, dates, details that were laser accurate! She shared messages with me from several of my loved ones "over there" with words and references that could ONLY have come from them. She is truly a vessel, a mouthpiece who offers herself so generously to bring messages from over there. I'm truly amazed at what was said! She's genuine...and quite a fantastic "Little Lady"! If you're considering sitting with her, you won't be sorry! Prepare to be astounded! ? with Barbara Petrone. Quotes
I sat with Barbara tonight. WOWWY!

Quotes I am very very excited about attending this reading with Barbara. She also mentioned a dog, a big dog she said. Bouncing around and that my grandmother said it was important to tell my family about this dog. My mother's older sister lost her two companion dogs a few years ago. She lives in PA. She has always told me that if her dogs' souls didn't go to heaven she didn't want to go either. I believe my grandmother really wanted my aunt to know that the dogs are there. Quotes
Happy to do this

Quotes Barbara was amazing! She validates what she is saying without prompts. So she wasn't fishing for information. She told me that my maternal grandmother is standing to my left. My Grammie. She shared so much wonderful things that made me feel so good and so peaceful. That's really important to me. That if you have a reading, that you walk away feeling some peace or some feeling of happiness or excitement. And sure enough that is what happened to me. To give an example of the validation I mentioned, I want to share one part of our reading. Barbara said that my grammie was telling me that I could do school just as well anywhere as well as I am doing it here in Gainesville. She certainly had no idea that I am doing an online program AND that it was very possible that my husband and I might be moving. I was totally floored! I mean, holy mackerel! When I started school I was concerned that I wouldn't finish or that I was doing something incredibly silly. Quotes
Gainesville Fl

Quotes I am putting four stars because I'm reviewing a reading that Barbara did for me Most importantly I have never met Barbara until I had my reading over the phone. She could not read my face or look around my house to get ideas. So when she told me what she did it really floored me. Quotes