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Another Reading Feedback

Posted by bpetrone56 on March 28, 2013 at 11:50 AM

From Sue

Hi Barbara,
Thank you for the reading tonight. Despite the phone problems, I feel it was overall good in that both my husband and I heard from someone important. I had hoped to hear specifically from two people that I was very close to, but I know these things don't always go as smoothly as a phone call - and even our phone call was screwy and we're on the same plane of existence!
Hopefully the next reading will go smoother but I will tell you that I'm tempted next time to do it alone to possibly limit a bit the folks to my side of the family in hopes of hearing from the two folks I mentioned above.
Still - I can't begrudge my husband his time tonight. I'm happy for him.

I'll check out my mother's possible miscarriage though the only remaining relative that would know - my uncle. But I'm not very hopeful that he'll be aware of it. Frankly, my mom was always very open with me and forthright about stuff and I think she would have told me. But anything is possible. She had a half sister she never told me about so who knows. I don't think it was an abortion - they weren't legally available in those days and she didn't have much money back then to pay for one.  I do know that she almost lost me and had to take special medications to prevent a miscarriage so it's possible she may have lost one before me

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Reply bpetrone56
10:40 PM on March 28, 2013 
a day later add on lol yep psychic amnesia ..............
Hi Barbara...

Just a note...Last night when my Aunt came through and was trying to validate, you mentioned the name "Karen" and it didn't ring a bell. Then she gave my birthday and her initial which cinched it for me. But later this morning, when reading over my notes, I realized that "Karen" referred to Karen-Beth, her only and favorite nephew's wife! I don't think of KB (her nickname) often because she and Dennis live in Oklahoma and we only see each other about once a year although Dennis was very close to my Aunt. But it makes sense that she would see that as a possible validation. Karen and Dennis have a long history that we used to talk about often. They met as teenagers, fell in love and got married. Two weeks later their parents got it annulled and then they were forced to go separate ways. They both eventually married other people and only after both were widowed 35 years later, did they find each other. We all loved the story and so KB is a recent new member of my little family but much beloved by all. My aunt would certainly have seen her as an important validation/connection. Feel free to use the story as an example of "psychic amnesia" if you like. Seems like I certainly had a case of it there last night.

Just thought you'd like the feedback.

Take care.