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Posted by bpetrone56 on August 24, 2012 at 6:05 PM

 I know some of you dont believe in what I do and that is fine, I just ask that you dont laugh ,call me satanic or that I am not doing God's work... I DID NOT ask for this in my life...and if it was satanic ..then Satan is pretty damn pissed off at me because I do this to help people thru loss in death and to show people WE DONT JUST DIE!! and God DOES HAVE A AWESOME PLACE WE GO BACK TO...NOW that is said I have a awesome story..well another of many stories lol but this was recent as of Monday. AUGUST 2012 ...My son Walker Watson called hysterical about 8am saying Pams mom is gone mommm she passed away,,,As he was talking I was getting something about a necklace.. I said Walker tell Pam (his girlfriend) to get the necklace from her mom pleaseee. her mom wants her to get it before it gets lost,,She wants her to have it! I also told him and Pam.. that she wants Pam to know that no matter what she thought she could have done...she could not have saved her..Her mom said that Pam and her grankids kept her here but as soon as she was assured they were going to be fine she went home that God had waiting for us.,,She knew Walker would be there for Pam and the kids... She also wanted everyone to know PLEASE DONT CRY FOR ME!! I feel so good!! I am not sick I am perfect! and I can be of more help to you and be with you more now then ever.. THAT NIGHT my son told me what happened with him,, he said he saw Pams mom and sat beside her..hugged her close and THANKED HER for letting him know such a wonderful person and he thanked her for some other things then told her ,,,,Reba you can go home now, I will make sure Pam and the kids are taken care of and I wont leave them!! When he told me that I said omgggg think back to what I told you this morning. She said youuuuuuuuu would take over for her!! WALKER SHE WAS LISTENING!! and when you told her she could go now. she came to me.. cuz the time frame of you talking to her and running to call me was split seconds...

Part 2 of story... 2 days ago I had this urge to get this piece of jewelery for someone that puzzled me because I DIDNT KNOW WHY I WANTED TO DO IT!!,, I went to the box I had it in and right on top was this ring.. I am always in this box and neverrrr saw it before...For 2 days I have racked my brains on where the hell did such a pretty ring come from plus when i saw it I thought wow walker could give this to pam and plan some really neat ASK YOU TO MARRY ME nite,, ....Well today on the way to starke I got on that ring and said damnnnn where did that ring come was just weirding me out cuz I am alwayssssssssssss in that box and never saw that ring...well I heard I PUT IT THERE,, I went huh??? I PUT IT THERE!.. I felt Pamela Brock 's mom and said Ms Reba??? again I PUT IT THERE,,,, I called my son and said well Ms Reba wants to help you ...She knows you cant work right now with your stroke or go to school and she knows this would make Pam feel like her life has direction which is you and the kids.... soooooo here is a gift FROM THE OTHER SIDE..

well my friends.. I might not have asked to hear and see but I damn sure glad I can.. and if any of you still think I do Satan's work or I am going against some bible verses and God wouldn't let us do this type of thing OHHHHHHH WELL!! He did, I did and that is the name of that tune,, ..all I can say IS THANK YOU MY SWEET JESUS for such a wonderful ability ONLY YOU CAN GIVE!!!

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