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VERY NICE FEEDBACK from a Reading I did ..

Posted by bpetrone56 on July 31, 2012 at 9:50 PM

I wanted to tell you about the outcome of my first reading, especially since it's July 31st. When we did the reading you said that you kept getting the word Move. As in a big move. And that July was an important month for me.

Well, guess what?! My mom and dad moved this week from St. Louis to Savannah. I thought this was interesting because you said it was my Grammie who was talking about this move and that she asked if I would tell my parents that I had spoken to her through you. So it has become my understanding that the move that Grammie spoke of wasn't necessarily for me, although the possibility was there, but it was also for my parents.

What do you think?

The other thing about the Move for me could be that in May I left a job I hated for a job I really do enjoy. And while that might seem to be an insignificant thing, the job change has done absolute wonders for my stress levels, for my over all being. And to me that's a HUGE move.

Also, I told my mom about this reading, as you asked me to do, and mentioned that Grammie's favorite season was spring. My mom validated that and said that it was because the winters were so dark and dreary and that spring meant light and warmer weather and she could get out and do more things.

Lastly, you said that Grammie was telling me that I needn't worry because everything will fall into place. Between my job switch, my parent's move to Savannah, and some changes in Mike's job, I think the reading you gave me has been spot on for July.

Looking at the notes from our reading I also think it's been validated that we've been having financial problems LOL. Since I switched jobs, I took a pay cut, our dog got really sick, etc. And it's put us behind. But going back to the "all will fall into place" I know that for my sanity I had to leave that job. And even with the financial problems we're still making it. We're not homeless. We're not starving. We worry at times but ultimately we're both still really happy.

So I wanted to give you that update on this the last day of July. If you want to share this with your Facebook crew or you're other friends or colleagues, please do.


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Reply GrayEyedGirl
12:21 PM on August 1, 2012 
This is me! I'm so excited to share this feedback with everyone. It's important to me to show that it's not some crazy hoax or that Ms. Barbara was scamming me. We talked. She gave me a lot of good information and it was comforting. I have always wanted to know if my grandmothers were with me. I miss them and have felt that they haven't been connecting to me like they have other people in my family. I wanted to know what they thought of my life and if they were with me. Having this reading helped me see that yes my grandmothers were with me all the time.

If you have any questions for me, as the person who got the reading, just ask!