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                              PLACES YOU WILL FIND ME

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Guest Call In             (917) 889-9194  

My Radio show is  NEW  and will be featuring READINGS,GUEST,TOPICS TO LEARN FROM and LOADS OF FUN

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Keep looking for new shows.  Also if you would like to be a Guest , let me know.

My name is Barbara Petrone. I have a wonderful husband and 3 children who are
awesome adults now.

As long as I can remember I always could see and hear but just didnt know what to make of it.  As I got into my teens I didnt think about it again until 1996 when I talked with my first Crossed Over Spirit.  She was a little girl from a slave family who died 3 months after her mom in 1900. The info she gave me I was able to verify and made me so happy the 2 hours we talked was REAL!

Since then I have contacted on a regular basis and THANK GOD every day for such an AWESOME GIFT!

I am also a HUGE ANIMAL ADVOCATE and FOSTER kittens for  a Rescue Program called HELPING HANDS PET RESCUE  in  Gainesville Fl.  They rescue animals on the KILL list for that day from shelters and have people like me foster them until they are adopted.. FOSTERING is the most REWARDING thing you could do in life other then ADOPTING a HOMELESS pet... Part of my fees goes to help these programs


Dawn is a mother of 3 sons and is a BRONX girl..If you met her you would LOVE her instantly.  Her choice of dress is the good ole Hippie days and loves SUNFLOWERS  AND FULLY BELIEVES IN PEACE FOR THE WORLD! 

She is my BEST FRIEND and also a Business Partner not to mention OWNER of DAWNS PEACEFUL PLACE  Oils Incense & More.  Her presence in Crossed Over Connections is very vital to me.  She is my PROMOTION MANAGER,EVENT COORDINATOR,OFFICE MANAGER and MY SOUL BUDDY handpicked from GOD