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Welcome to Crossed Over Connections. I have been connecting with those Crossed Over for all my life. My Connections are conducted by God and Spirit. I let them talk until they have said what they need too. All my sessions are Recorded and sent to you by E-mail. I also do automatic writing which will be sent with recording . Those writing are very important because Spirit uses my hand to get messages to you. Most have drawings and symbols that also will bring you messages or guidance

I want to STRESS that I am not a PSYCHIC but a MEDIUM / SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR. Psychics and Mediums are totally different. Many Psychics use devices to foretell the future and give guidance. Mediums are mediators to the Spirit world that also can let you see into your future. We mediate between the dead and the living.

The messages we get heal hearts and minds, guide to new paths in life and give the living a chance to visit with those on the Other Side. I have to go though God to get my connections to the Other Side and when He Speaks I know the difference. You can feel His Great Overwhelming presence when He speaks

PLEASE enjoy the Website and Thank you for Visiting !! Do something nice for a Animal today!!